Each year, ESTIA Agios Nikolaos hosts one or more workcamps with participants from all over the world. A workcamp is a great chance to meet people through a common project while also experiencing the rich life in ESTIA together with members with disabilities, caregivers, and volunteers.

A workcamp lasts between 7 to 14 days and the assigned projects vary but are always designed to be completed within the timeframe of the workcamp.

The work camp participants eat and sleep in ESTIA, and we try to connect them as much as possible to our daily life. The participants visit our houses for some of their meals and work together with some of our members. We also welcome activities, presentations, and shows that the workcamp teams may want to organize.
Some of the previous workcamp organizations we have hosted include SCI International Camp, Smiley Greece, and Freie Waldorfschule Jena. If you are looking for a workcamp, please contact these or other organizations directly.

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