ESTIA AGIOS NIKOLAOS was founded in Greece, with the purpose of becoming an inclusive, enriching and sustainable life-sharing community for adults with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers.

Today, 30 years on, the community is flourishing, is financially viable and its governance is strong. At the same time, it is also cracking at the seams, with every home and workshop full and with long waiting lists for members with disabilities and volunteers.

To fulfill its vision and become truly sustainable over the long-term, ESTIA’s plans are focusing on three interrelated areas:

  • Provide a full range of living and working choices for each of our members with intellectual disabilities, both within and outside the ESTIA “village”, to respond to their different individual expectations and needs.
  • Improve and expand the infrastructure and the facilities in the ESTIA “village” and create additional external homes and workshops in town.
  • Create different opportunities to further connect with the broader region of Fokida, becoming a motor of inclusion and participation for local society.

More specifically, the key plans include:

  • The construction of one additional home in the ESTIA “village”, House Agapi, to house 6-8 members with disabilities, 3-4 working members, and 3-4 volunteers.
  • The creation of 4-6 apartments for semi-independent living in the nearby town of Amfissa.
  • The physical adaptation of the facilities and the addition of nursing staff in each House as well as the training of each ESTIA member enable our aging infirm members with dementia to continue living comfortably in their own home.
  • The addition of 2 new workshops, for Assistive Technology and for Skills for Autonomous Living, to help both residents and day members live and work more independently. These workshops will be offered at the ESTIA premises, as well as in Amfissa, and, through a mobile unit, we will reach individuals with disabilities in the region’s villages.
  • The achievement of net zero energy(efficiency), through the completion of the environmental upgrade of our facilities.

To raise the capital for these projects, ESTIA is launching an international fundraising campaign to reach foundations, companies, and individuals in 21 European countries and in the USA.