Our resident members with disabilities come from all over Greece. The youngest today is 25 years old and the oldest is 71. They have a large range of abilities and needs, ranging from the ability to work semi- independently in adjoining towns to needing consistent daily support.

Additionally, our Day Center, the only one in the region of Fokida for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, hosts non-resident members from all over the region. They join us every weekday to participate in our everyday life and work as active members of the community.

Vacancies for Members with disabilities

At the moment, there are no vacancies for resident members. You are welcome to contact us and go through the application process, so that you may join the waiting list. We have seven (7) vacancies at the moment for day members.

We welcome adults (18+) with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who will benefit from living or participating in a nurturing community environment, which will permit them to enjoy a full life and to develop their autonomy and their social, creative, and practical capabilities. Most new resident members will live in one of the houses in the ESTIA ‘village’ but we are looking forward to preparing all those who are willing and able, to  live and work semi-independently in town.


All ESTIA members are expected to fully participate in the life of the community and share community and household tasks which suit their abilities. They will also work, either in our workshops for 3 hours every weekday, or if they can, in the Social Cooperative of the region. They are encouraged to choose from several activities or hobbies, such as yoga, baking, sports, theatre and much more, but also to engage in social relationships with the local society. For this, everyone should be able to move, eat and go to the bathroom independently. We are also not able to host people who are, or can be, a threat to themselves or others. All must speak Greek.


For residents of Greece, the living fees are covered by the National Social Security and a European Program. The only expenses for the families relate to personal items (clothing, special medication, personal shopping, and outings, etc.)


All day members’ participation costs, including transport from and to their homes are covered by a European Program and by Social Security.

How to Apply

All prospective new members must follow a standard application procedure. This includes an application form, assessment by appropriate doctors and social workers, a trial period, and a post-trial review period by Estia, the candidate and the candidate’s family.


The first step is to visit us, before considering starting the application process.

For more information and to arrange for a visit please contact our office.

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