Work is an important part of the daily life of every person in ESTIA. The few members with ID/DD who can, get a job outside the community, but most can only work within ESTIA.

A key part of our job is to encourage and prepare those of the residents who can get regular paid work in society. The existence of an excellent Social Cooperative (KOISPE) in our area and its tight collaboration with ESTIA is helping us to develop further this option for selected residents.

In the main, however, our members still work in the community Workshops. The Workshops’ philosophy reflects that of ESTIA, promoting free expression, respect, solidarity, and harmonization with the nature, but also key aspects of normal work, like accountability and regularity.

The three Workshops, Pottery, Garden and Jewelry & Handicrafts are mixed, with resident and day members with disabilities, employees and volunteers. Everyone chooses the Workshop to work in, all contribute according to their abilities, and most work is collective.

The products of the three Workshops contribute to the self-sufficiency of the community. The fully organic Garden Workshop covers most needs for vegetables and fruit, olive oil, honey and eggs, and makes most of the community’s weekly bread in an external wood oven.

The Pottery and Handicrafts Workshops create some income as they are sold in local bazaars and in a kiosk given by the Galaxidi Municipality at the waterfront.

To complete the fulfilment of work and stimulate self-esteem, we have recently introduced payment for work in the form of a small stipend for everyone. The caregivers are helping the members with ID/DD to realise that this money is theirs to spend or save and have one-on-one shopping trips to exercise the choices.

As of end 2023, we have a fourth Workshop for Assistive Technology, with the objective to provide the necessary digital skills for individuals and teams to enhance their life and working opportunities. Each willing member has a private or team tutorial twice a week.


Each person is encouraged to use their different abilities to work with the whole process of ceramic production, molding, shaping, glazing and recycling the clay.

We have two pottery workshops, which operate in a 200 sq, mts. building. We create different things with it, such as: plates, bowls, candleholders, flower pots, etc.

Workshop Leader: Kostas Nitsakos

Jewelry & Handicrafts

In this workshop, people are encouraged to develop their skills to create and produce items according to their abilities. The finished products, such as earrings, bracelets, dolls and hand knitted goods are sold in our bazaars.

Workshop Leader: Mairi Kanavaki


In the garden workshop, staff and volunteers work side-by-side with special need residents. We are constantly trying to match the skills of each individual with the tasks that are needed in the garden, from simple watering and carrying to seeding
and pruning.

Currently we have a vegetable garden, a lemon grove, vines and many young fruit trees and herbs.


Workshop Leaders: Marius Wonneberger, Carlsten Holm

Assistive Technology (Digital)


Our new Digital lab aims to provide individual and team technology skills, which will enhance our members’ quality of life and ability to get skilled jobs. 

The workshop consists of two parts: individual tutorials and a collective workshop for up to 6 people a time. 
We work with SMART-Goals to screen the potential of our users. Each workshop member has his/her own goal plan. We are exploring together new ways to enable all individual participants  to develop their  skills in the directions they want and need. Once this first step is achieved, the skills will be used to create digital content and products, such as calendars, photos, formatted texts etc. 
The next steps are to train its users in the use of hardware (a keyboard, a mouse, a camera and other special equipment) and in software skills (office, picture and video editing and recording programs)  We will then run a parallel workshop with joint projects based on collaborative skills.
Workshop Leader: Denis Giard