In ESTIA, the residents live in small family-like structures, each comprising 6-8 members with disabilities, 2 to 3 professional caregivers, 2 to 4 volunteers and a housekeeper. Every member of the house contributes to the household tasks according with his or her ability.

Everyone enjoys privacy and personal time in their personalized rooms, but the houses are the hub of ‘family’ life, with communal meals, social events and daily chores.

All resident members leave their own home to work, pursue activities and hobbies, and socialise within and outside ESTIA.

Zoi House

Zoi House (which in Greek means Life) was the first house to be built in 1995 and can host up to 6 residents with learning disabilities.

Caregivers: Stefania Zomenou, Dennis Giard, Dayla Booth
Housekeeper: Zyra Hoxhallari
Volunteers: ​ Helen Beyer, Joline Hophgartner, Antonio Novellino

Irini House

Irini House (which means Peace) was built at the same time as house ‘Zoi’ and can host up to 6 residents with learning disabilities.

Caregivers: Michalis Manias, Clervie Zeo, Georgia Dimitrellou 
Housekeeper: Alma Diamanti
Volunteers: Fiona Bleckmann, Caroline Oetken, Cassandra Newman

Eleftheria House

Eleftheria House (the Greek word for Freedom) was built in 2004 and most of its costs were covered by the funds raised by a Telemarathon. It hosts 8 residents with learning disabilities.

Caregivers: Areti Papadima,  Lena Georganta, Maria Theodosopoulou
Housekeeper: Mirela Bleta Kabello
Volunteers:  Jackob Wacke, Rebecca Konrad, Geesche Viets, Anna Charlotte Lyon

Ilios House

Ilios House (which in Greek means Sun) is the largest and the most recent house to be built, in 2006. For now, it hosts one resident with mild learning disability who can live fairly independently, as well several caregivers, volunteers and most visitors to our community. The ‘Estia Agios Nikolaos’ office is located in this house.

Contact Person: Dayla Booth, Carsten Holm

OfficeTeam: Loa Palmarsdottir, Kalomoira Palaska, Evagelia Bartsota