Afternoons and weekends are dedicated to group and personalized activities. Group activities depend on the talents and skills of the volunteers; in different years we get great musicians, painters, puppeteers, pastry-makers or athletes and they organize groups for those who wish to attend. Our members are encouraged to choose different ways to spend their afternoons and weekends, and, thanks to the many volunteers, there is always someone to make sure that everyone can realize his or her choices, in or outside ESTIA.

The afternoons are usually devoted to music, exercising, walking, and in the summertime, swimming in the sea nearby. These activities are offered mainly by the resident staff but we also have outside professionals providing specific therapeutic activities such as art therapy, physiotherapy, gymnastics and music therapy.

During the weekends, individuals can choose the activities they would like to participate in. We offer different artistic and spiritual pursuits in connection to the local communities, such as outings to musical events, theater and cinema, church attendance and participation in social activities and local celebrations of the area and cultural and sports events and civic causes, like “Let’s Do it Greece” , the Athens Marathon and Spetsathlon.

Many of our members go on vacations and visits either as a group, or individually, accompanied by a member of staff. Our members have visited Spain, Denmark, and France as well as various locations in Greece.