Learning Disability Dementia Care Training

On March 31, we were extremely privileged to welcome Ms. Anna White from London, to share with us her unique knowledge about the care of persons with Learning Disabilities with Dementia.

The training session was attended by most ESTIA caregivers and some volunteers, as well as guests from the region. ESTIA’s gerontology advisor, Dr. Costis Prouskas also attended.

Anna White followed up by sharing her helpful and engaging audiovisual and reading materials
Anna White has spent more than a decade collecting and collating the best, cutting edge, research into this hugely important but little-understood condition, which afflicts most persons with Down Syndrome and many others with different learning disabilities. She has been a qualified Dementia Trainer since 2014 and has put together a complete training program through videos, books, and DVDs, which are helping caregivers and families across the UK.

Anna’s generous presentation and materials are helping us to provide better care to our members with Dementia, by understanding what their experiencing and reducing their anxiety and stress.