Doris Eisenmeier – Memorial

On Saturday 9 December 2023 we honored our beloved Doris Eisenmeier, the Founder of ESTIA

On October 26, Doris Eisenmeier, the Founder of ESTIA, passed away at the age of 97.  

Doris Eisenmeier and her husband Kurt dedicated their lives to propagate egalitarian life sharing of adults with and without disabilities. They founded a model community in Saßen in Germany, where they lived in one of the homes with their four own children and 12 adults with intellectual disabilities. 

Doris’ love of Greece led her to dedicate her fortune to the creation of ESTIA in 1993. She was a true visionary and her principles of respect towards every human being, elevation of the human spirit, and equitable conditions of living, are still guiding ESTIA  today. 

We all remember her with love and are committed to continuing on the path that she first drew.