Caregivers and Staff

Our staff includes resident and non-resident caregivers, and administration and support personnel. We also have a 6-member external scientific team, which includes a general doctor, a social worker, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a speech therapist and a gerontologist.

The Caregivers are at the core of ESTIA’s life and operation. They are responsible for the care, the development and the emotional support of the members with disabilities. At the same time, they drive the cohesion of the community itself by collectively taking the decisions of everyday life and choosing ESTIA’s members with and without disabilities. Caregivers can be responsible for the Homes or the Workshops. They come from Greece or/and other European countries.

About half of Caregivers live in ESTIA, the others come in from the area. There is a strict 6–9-month process of selection, preparation, and evaluation before their appointment as Caregivers. Subsequently, there is continuous feedback and formal evaluations by the community, as well as support by external supervisors and moderators.

Working Members Vacancies

We are currently looking for 2 new Resident Caregivers, as co-responsible caregivers for the homes. Additionally, we are looking for an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist or PE teacher, both specialized in learning difficulties, on a full-time or part-time basis.
Who are we looking for?

We encourage everyone to apply, regardless of nationality, gender, sexuality, religion,
ethnic background or disabilities. Singles, couples, and families are welcome. What really matters is your willingness to dedicate yourself to the job and to become an active member of our community. There are, however, some preconditions and processes
to become accepted as a caregiver.

Experiencing Estia

Before applying to become a resident or non -resident caregiver at ESTIA, you first must come as a volunteer for a minimum of one month. So, if you haven’t been to the ESTIA before, the first thing we will ask you is to come and visit us as a volunteer. This is to give both you and us a chance to meet, talk, work and live together for a short time before committing to starting a trial & training period.

Getting to know Estia - Trial and training period

Committing to a community is a big decision, both for the community and the new person entering it. There are many new things to learn and many things to think about, before deciding to share life and responsibilities.

To give space to this, all new members of staff go through an extensive trial & training period. The trial period lasts two trimesters. During the first trimester, the trainee is gradually introduced to the various aspects of the job. There is an evaluation by the entire team at the end of the first three months before the second trial and training period can start, where the trainee is expected to undertake individual responsibilities in caregiving and in the administration of the home or workshop. Following the final global evaluation, the trainee is accepted as a full member of staff.

Before you apply you should carefully think about the ‘Necessary motivation and skills and preferred experience’ and think about how you fit with these. You do not need to fulfill all of them, but the more the better.

Necessary motivation
  • Motivation to work and live with people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Motivation to live in a community and to work in teams.
  • Motivation to take part in the decision making and long term responsibility of the community.
  • Motivation to become a long-term member of Estia, and to make it your home.
Necessary criteria
  • University education or equivalent
  • Driver’s license (we live in the countryside and can go to very few places without a car) Once you become a full member of the staff, you will be allowed to drive the vehicles of ESTIA.
  • Greek language – ability to understand, speak and read Greek; our residents and their relatives are all Greek, and so are the public institutions that we communicate with. If you are not fluent in Greek, we will offer Greek courses, but you will need to commit to learn!
  • English language – ability to understand, speak and read English; Our staff and volunteers come from many different countries, and the common language is English. If you are not fluent in English, we will offer English courses, but you will need to commit to learn!
Preferred background and experience
  • Experience in working with persons with disabilities or other similar kinds of work.
  • Experience in participating in joint decision making.
  • Experience in living or working in a community.
  • Studies in Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Special Physical Education, Nursing and other therapeutic fields.
Other valuable skills and experiences that we are always looking for:

Experience and interest in gardening, pottery, jewelry making, digital and technology
teaching, cooking music, physical education, administration, fundraising, and other crafts or
skills that can be used to develop our community or as an activity with our people.

Application Guidelines
You need to write a Motivation Letter in English or Greek. We expect you to include the following:
  1. Which position are you applying for, and if possible alternative positions.
  2. When would you be able to start the trial-training period (or if you have not yet been to Estia, when would you be able to come as a visitor.)
  3. Your Motivation (why would you like to come and live and/or work with us, and in what way do you think you could help us as a community)
  4. Skills and experience (please write in detail about which of the skills and experiences you fulfill, and how you think you could learn or achieve the ones you don’t.)
Additionally, you need to send us:
  • A CV with full information about your studies and work.
  • References, written by former employers, with information on where to contact them.
  • Your own address, email, phone numbers.
Where to send the application:

Please send your application to our office at (Please write APPLICATION –CAREGIVER as Email Subject)

We will read it and get back to you amazingly fast.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!

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